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October 2019
• Ways of Making Oral Hygiene Easier As We Age
• Ways of Avoiding Dental Stains
• Are There Different Types of Tooth Sensitivity?

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September 2019
• The Connection Between Good Oral Health and a Healthy Blood Pressure
• What to Do When an Item Gets Stuck Between Your Teeth
• Ways of Easing Dental Anxiety Before We See You

August 2019
• The Color of the Produce You Eat Matters
• How to React if You Chip a Tooth
• Can Your Teeth Get Damaged from Too Much Water?

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Ways of Easing Dental Anxiety Before We See You
More people than you may realize struggle with dental anxiety. We see it on a regular basis. If you get anxious before coming in for a visit, don't fret. We can give you some tips! First, find out what type of procedure you need and read up on it. Information is huge when it comes to combatting anxiety. Second, tell us if you get nervous. We have seen it before and have ideas on how to help. Finally, bring along some music or a video while having your procedure. This can keep your mind off of what we are doing so you can just relax.

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